A downloadable game for Windows

A short, simple JRPG.

There isn't really any grand story in this game. Just a short (10 minutes long) tutorial / first level-ish turn-based JRPG. An attempt to get the feel of using an engine and how to make a working product. And all the mess and distractions along the way...

Made with WOLF RPG Editor English 2.10D

Note: The "little tweaked", the second file for download, is an earlier version of the game. Rather hard and not as clear. If you think the first one is too easy, you might want to give that one a try.

Linux users can use Wine to run this game.

Made for My First Game Jam Summer 2019!

Consider this game complete as-is.

Install instructions

Simply extract the files and run Game.exe.

For Linux users, you can run the game using Wine. However, please run the Config.exe and set the Graphics Display Mode to Software Mode (default: 3D Mode) before running the game.


Just Annother RPG -jam end .11.zip 11 MB
Just Annother RPG, people! -little tweaked.zip 8 MB

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